Brand positioning, visual identity and website design for a Munich-based conference treating the future of European foreign and security policy


Founded by the team at EuropaNova Germany, Young Security Conference is an event based in Munich whose mission is to connect young innovative thinkers with experts from policy & research in a dialogue on the future of European security and defence.

The challenge

We knew we had to balance YSC concrete outcomes with aspirational impacts to appeal to young audiences and more institutional policymakers alike. We worked with their team to create a new identity that is altogether professional, assertive, and vibrant. YSC sought a brand to distinguish them as European security and defence pioneers.

EuropaNova Germany

Servives Provided
Web design


Visual Identity

The brand communicates strength in unity, authenticity, and transformative action. The brandmark is a minimal representation of the European flag, while the line underneath the 14 dots represents the conference as a platform that enables changemakers to connect.

YSC system is made up of four elements: colour, typography, patterns, and the roundel. These elements provide the ultimate sense of agility and innovation when viewed collectively. The visual language conveys movement and trustworthiness. A flexible set of patterns has been created using the elements of the logo: the line and the dots can be used in both a small, repeated version and a big and blown up.

The primary colours used are blue - resonating reliability and trust and representing the European flag's colour, and a bright green, a colour associated with growth and optimism. These colours are mixed in a bold gradient to attract a young audience.


Brand develoment

The YSC team initially identified their brand attributes as progressive, intelligent, and best-in-class. Although accurate to their current organisation, we worked with their team to identify personable characteristics of its bolder future and ones that could only be attributed to YSC. We saw YSC as The Reliable Sage: personal and individual YSC. Rely on understanding, intelligence, and clarity. To ensure they’re wise and articulate: confident leaders approaching the future with an open mind, never misinformed and self-aware.



The website was meticulously designed from the bones to the final prototype in Figma. The live website was developed externally . Therefore, results were not much in our control, so to see our original take, please check the site’s website’s prototype here.

In a nutshell

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