Making works that matter

We are an independent creative studio based in East London that works with organisations that positively impact people's lives. We are a creative agency with a strong desire to use our skills to make a difference.

The studio

Studio Elma

Studio Elma is a boutique design agency based in East London. We work with clients across various disciplines, including branding, web design, creative direction, and photography.

We are a network of collaborators: photographers, videomakers, creative developers, illustrators and copywriters. With an international client list, the practice can work alone or in collaboration with design agencies. Our goal is to help organisations that have a positive impact on the lives of others thrive by crafting unique identities, formulating successful brand strategies, and implementing them on both print and digital platforms.

Our values-driven creative practice means our work is best suited to NGOs, activism campaigns, social enterprises, cultural organisations, ethical businesses, and individual changemakers.

The founder

Elena Manfredi

I am an experienced design consultant who helps changemakers find their voice and connect with their audience through witty, creative solutions and a friendly, honest approach. After over ten years of working for some of the best communication agencies in the world, both full-time and freelancing, I decided to launch Studio Elma and focus on working with projects that reflect my values. I have been based in Rome, Santiago (Chile) and London, and I am fluent in three languages – Italian, English and Spanish, which help me to collaborate with an international clientele.

I believe in creating a world of equality, fairness, and balance with nature, where businesses and organisations help society grow responsibly and sustainably. I am proud to use my creative skills to help build that world by bringing a combination of creative flair and strategic expertise to every project I take on.

Our values


Creativity as a force for positive impact

We help others find their voice by creating meaningful brands in our witty, clever, bold, and elegant signature style. Our favourite projects are the ones that champion equality, protect the environment, and spread the culture.


​​Awareness and giving back

We are aware of our privileged position of operating in a wealthy, safe country. For this reason, every time we get a new client, we give back to two causes that are most dear to us: human rights and reforestation.



We will avoid any commissions which may compromise our values. (No tobacco, chemical companies, gambling, weapons, fossil fuels, aluminium, iron, steel, aviation, concrete and cement, chemicals and petrochemicals, meat and dairy, plastics, private cars, pulp, paper, and timber, shipping, and trucking).


Make it yours

We take responsibility for our work and treat it like our own. Dedicated to owning our stake in the products and services we offer, we craft any projects we work on with passion, care, and fun.


Excellence is our goal

Our craftsmanship is our passion, so we give it everything we've got every time, stopping only when we are confident that we have achieved what we were seeking.


Empathy at work

As part of our practice, we not only welcome but also actively seek to understand multiple perspectives, meeting them from a place of openness and humility.

Giving back

We champion progress and encourage good deeds