Uplifting the brand Identity and online presence of a leading Belgian B2B tech startup specializing in gift cards


Gift cards have revolutionised the art of gift-giving, offering a seamless solution that saves time, eliminates the risk of gifting disappointments, and provides convenience for recipients regardless of location.

The challenge

Recognising the growing significance of this market, Giftify, a dynamic Belgian scalup, sought to reposition itself as a frontrunner in the competitive realm of gift card innovation. Tasked with refreshing its outdated visual identity, website, and brand touchpoints, our collaboration aimed to ensure Giftify's relevance in a rapidly evolving landscape and resonate with its target audience.


Services Provided
Creative Direction
Web design
Editorial design


Visual Brand refresh

By updating its visual elements, including logo, color palette, and design language, Giftify is now able to convey its commitment to innovation, flexibility, and customer-centricity. We stripped down the palette to a more vibrant and fresh feeling. We created new rules on how to use the ribbon, enlarging it and selected a quirky fon



Understanding the urgency inherent in startup ventures, we opted for a pragmatic illustration approach. Instead of commissioning bespoke artwork that would, we curated and adapted stock illustrations to align seamlessly with Giftify's brand identity, delivering a polished and cohesive visual language. Additionally, we crafted bespoke illustrations to infuse unique charm and personality into the brand narrative.



With time constraints looming large, we embarked on the rapid development of a sleek, one-page website that served as the flagship platform for showcasing the essence of the Giftify experience. Collaborating closely with a skilled webflow developer, we navigated tight deadlines. We successfully brought the vision to life over a weekend, ensuring a seamless digital presence that captured the essence of Giftify's innovation.



From cumbersome and content-heavy documents, we streamlined Giftify's informational materials into concise and compelling infographics. Through collaborative efforts with the Giftify team, we distilled complex information into digestible nuggets, pairing them with vibrant illustrations in a dynamic layout that engaged and captivated audiences.


Brochures and Presentations

To bolster Giftify's presence at European trade shows and beyond, we meticulously crafted a series of digital and printed brochures and presentations. These collateral pieces were powerful tools for communicating Giftify's value proposition, encapsulating the essence of the brand's innovation and versatility.


App Enhancement

Building upon the existing UI design of Giftify's app, we infused it with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic while enhancing user experience capabilities. By marrying form with function, we ensured the app seamlessly aligned with Giftify's revamped brand identity, offering users an intuitive and engaging interface.


Digital Assets

A diverse array of digital assets, from LinkedIn banners to targeted Apple Pay ads, were strategically developed to amplify Giftify's digital footprint and enhance brand visibility across various online platforms and channels.


MAPIC stand design

Elevating Giftify's presence at the prestigious MAPIC conference in Cannes, we conceptualised and executed a visually stunning stand design.





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