Brand positioning and visual identity for an Italian feminist organisation that fights gender-based violence.


Chayn Italia is an Italian feminist organisation that fights gender-based violence through digital and collaborative practices. They co-create projects, campaigns, training, and tools by relating the anti-violence sector with the technological and social innovation sector.

The challenge

Chayn Italia wants a feminist world where gender violence does not exist. They needed a brand identity to help them to become a key player in the field of anti-violence and social innovation, to be a point of reference for anti-violence centres and be a hub of projects and collaborations related to these themes.

Chayn Italia

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Creative Direction
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Visual Identity

Gender violence affects women in all stages of their lives, gender orientations, ethnicities, and religions. Chayn Italia’s logo mark is comprised of six stylised figures of women supporting each other. Inclusivity is one of the brand's main attributes, so we represented different types of women from different ages, ethnicities, and religious beliefs.


Brand development

To achieve this, we needed to design a flexible, comprehensive brand system that was welcoming and progressive at the same time. The brand conveys an idea of sisterhood, positivity, and empowerment, changing the victimisation narrative usually used while treating gender violence.


Brand guidelines

When Chayn Italia reached us, we realised that aside from the logo designed in 2015, their visual language needed help, as much as their external communication, which resulted in a scattered and imprecise use of the brand assets. When we designed the logo in 2015, the primary colour palette was bright and fun. In 2021 during a brand strategy workshop to refresh and consolidate the brand, the common idea from the team was to give Chayn a more grown-up feel while still maintaining the original brand mark. The colours were developed into a darker palette, which felt more appropriate when treating such delicate themes. We also selected a new typeface, Monserrat, which is strong and intelligent but also friendly and clear to understand.

Working with an NGO with a low budget, we knew we had to create a set of free resources. For this reason, we gathered a comprehensive collection of royalty-free images and illustrations that would show empowered, free women and highlight the themes of sisterhood and inclusivity.


Social media presence

After thorough research, two main KPIs were identified: to promote and attract new users and share knowledge and tools while positioning Chayn as the leading organisation in digital violence training and research. The priority was to add value to the followers and potential users by creating valuable and informative content to raise awareness about gender violence. Afterwards, we created a comprehensive Style guide and a broad range of social media templates in Canva, which the communication team could easily manage without hiring a design expert.


Illustration and Merchandise

To better promote their mission and raise funds, we created bespoke illustrations that set the tone for an empowered, feminist world free from gender violence.

Collaborating with Elena from Studio Elma has been an absolute pleasure and has provided Chayn Italia with a new powerful visual identity and tools. In 2015, Studio Elma was commissioned with creating our logo and visual identity, and we have been in love with the proposed ideas from day one. The logo, 6 colourful stylised figures of women that support each other, fully captured our focus on sisterhood and inclusion whilst being highly memorable and visually pleasing.

We are enthusiastic about our prolonged collaboration with Studio Elma over the years, which resulted in the creation of visual communication templates and tools that strengthen Chayn Italia communication efforts and made our internal collaboration much easier. Further, Studio Elma created a beautiful set of illustrations that capture our vision of empowerment, mutual support, and energy. We couldn't be happier with our collaboration and look forward to a new adventure together.

Elena Silvestrini
Founder, Chayn Italia

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