Our work


Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023 and Welcome to Studio Elma

After over ten years of working for some of the best communication agencies in the world, both full-time and freelancing, I decided to launch Studio Elma and focus on working with projects that reflect my values.  I want to create a world of equality, fairness, and balance with nature, where businesses and organisations help society grow responsibly and sustainably. I am proud to use my creative skills to help build that world by bringing a combination of creative flair and strategic expertise to every project I take on.

Studio Elma works as a network of collaborators: photographers, videomakers, creative developers, illustrators and copywriters. With an international client list, the practice can work alone or in collaboration with design agencies. Our goal is to help organisations that have a positive impact on the lives of others thrive by crafting unique identities, formulating successful brand strategies, and implementing them on both print and digital platforms.